About us

Installing decorative moldings quickly and easily is now possible with Moulures Bro-Mer inc.

Founded in 2011, Moulures Bro-Mer inc. stands apart from the competition with the outstanding quality of its products and the revolutionary nature of its installation toolkit.

Building and renovating become so much simpler with Moulures Bro-Mer inc., because our moldings are made of PVC, hence flexible and easy to install. Furthermore, our moldings are designed and made in Quebec.

Founder of Moulures Bro-Mer inc. and product designer
Guy Brousseau

Owners of Moulures Bro-Mer inc.
Guy Brousseau, Alain Mercier, Jonathan Bolduc, Michel Fortier and Carole Beaudoin

Historical Background


After numerous disappointing experiences with the installation of traditional moldings, Guy Brousseau had the idea of designing a removable molding that would make precision painting much simpler and conceal unattractive nail heads. The original design of Brousseau's revolutionary molding evolved to the rhythm of his research.


Convinced that the work initiated ten years earlier was bound to succeed, Alain Mercier partnered with his cousin, Guy Brousseau, and together they embarked on a new adventure: Moulures Bro-Mer inc.


Moulures Bro-Mer filed an application for a patent with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The co-owners of the company intend to commercialize their innovative product at national and international scale.

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